January 06, 2019

Spiced Orange Cake

I love a good flourless cake. Dense, fudgy, rich and delicate all in one. In this recipe ground almonds and eggs are used to give the cake structure. Baked at a slightly lower temperature, similar to that of a pavlova. This ensures the eggs do not souffle and in turn the cake does not rise and then sink dramatically upon cooling. However, it might crack slightly and that is perfectly ok. 

I saw this recipe on the television just before Christmas. It is a recipe by Tom Kerridge and is now maybe one of my favourite cakes! A non-traditional Christmas cake of sorts. Oranges are cooked until completely softened and then blitzed to create a pulp that gets used in the cake batter. It is perfectly scented by the oranges and spiced delicately with cinnamon and ginger. I would be happy to bake this cake any day of the week-I am not just keeping it for Christmas baking! It's an unassuming showstopper.