August 17, 2015

Pavlova with Honey Roasted Grapes

Anytime I make a pavlova it reminds me of my brother, Tim. And 9 times out of 10 I will be making the pavlova for him! Do you have things that you bake that remind you of family or friends? I think I can associate each person in my life with something that I would cook for them. Here's just a few:

Other brother, Sam: absolutely anything-he's my number one fan!! But seriously: sandwiches, anything peanut buttery or something stuffed with something else. 
Sister: perfectly poached eggs with salmon/spinach and hollandaise sauce. 
Maeve: doughnuts. 
Mam: anything lemon flavored-sweet or savory. 
James: an outrageously stuffed cookie or something obnoxiously cheesey. 
Dad: anything chocolatey or hummus. 
Ciara: sweet potatoes fries with one thousand dipping sauces. 
Ale: I just want you to make me all the sushi in the world! 
Mango: anything for a good 'ole cup of tea.  
Fionnuala: chicken korma (or is tikka masala, girl?!)
Pippa: eggs. NO. Freshly made bread and butter WITH eggs. 

This list could go on and on, but I'll stop there. 

Do you want to know the reason I put grapes on top of this pavlova instead of the usual berry adornment? It's because I forgot to buy the berries when I went to the shop. I never make shopping lists and this is what I get. 

And the reason I roasted the grapes instead of just putting them on top? I have a phobia of grapes on pavlovas. Anyone else out there feel me on this? Let me explain...

August 03, 2015

Red Onion Marmalade and Blue Cheese Tart

A tart doesn't always have to be tasteless and trashy. It can be refined and classy and this red onion blue cheese one proves that. Well, when it come to food anyway. 

I'm sure everyone out there has had many a red onion blue cheese or red onion goat cheese tart in their lives. This combination is not a new thing. If it is new to you, where have you been? Are you ok? Do you need help? Blink three times for help. 

Here's the deal-I have a love hate relationship with puff pastry. I love it but I hate when it gets soggy. I understand that this is a characteristic of puff pastry and that the soggy bottom is inevitable.

You know when you know something is going to happen? You want to hope for the best but really you're living in denial. Then, what you knew was going to happen eventually happens, because it was always going to. Yet, for some reason you thought it might not this time. This is not code for anything else. Just an over the top expression of how consuming 'puff pastry' can be. 

Yeah, that's how I feel about puff pastry. The struggle is real.