December 01, 2014

Ginger Bread Christmas Wreath Biscuits

It's December 1st. Where has the time gone? The minute December hits, I'm all about Christmas. It's absolutely my fave holiday. Gimme Christmas over Halloween any day. 

I don't know what I love most about Christmas: the run up to the big day, the actual day of December 25th or the few days after it. 

I mean, I love it all. 

I love buying Secret Santa gifts, making endless shopping lists, organizing all the things to bake, making a Christmas cake months in advance, cooking the turkey and ham, watching movies and doing absolutely nothing on December 26th, except maybe going for a long walk in the cold, bundled up in a warm coat and scarf.  

These hanging biscuits will on my tree this year. MY TREE. 

This is my first Christmas away from home (omg, scary). It's so bizarre. I have to order a turkey, get a tree, buy lights and decorations. What has happened? Yes, I pay rent every month and yes I am an adult but buying a Christmas tree is a whole other level of adult-ness.