November 15, 2014

New York Living

I've tried to figure out why it has taken me so long to write a blog post. Do you know what I've come up with? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Nought. Nothing. 

I should have shared the last six months of my life with you. You were good enough to read my blog for the last two years and, when something truly exciting happened in my life, I got all caught up in the midst of it and left you behind. AH SOUND HOLLY. 

Now, in this blog post I'm going to fill you in on my life. We'll get caught up and next week I'll be back to weekly blogging! 

The below images have all been taken from my may have seen them, you may not have but I'm going to tell the stories behind them all. 

The best word to describe the last six months of my life is adventure. 

It's hard to believe that six and a half months ago I was living in Ireland, in my family home and now I am living in New York trying to make a home. 

Adventure; noun. An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. 

I hope you enjoy what you read. I've missed you and I'm back!


Holly, x

There is no denying it-New York is filled with beautiful buildings. I have had some serious cases of building/apartment envy since I've been here. Having said that, I do love the building I live in-a baby blue clapperboard house with a tiny stoop. 

I love how as you travel throughout the city of New York and all its boroughs you feel like you are traveling through time and around the world. 

For example, if you take the same subway two stops in one direction and two stops in the other direction, you will find yourself discovering new worlds and cultures mere miles apart. 

It's beautiful, exciting and sometimes a little shocking-not everything is without its hiccups!

Sometimes, I like to buy a coffee and just aimlessly walk around and look at all the buildings and imagine the lives of those living in them. Alone time is very important! Also people watching. This city is filled with fascinating people! 

Even at home, in Dublin, I had done very little of the things considered as sight seeing sights. I've never even been to the Guinness Store House. I've walked passed it numerous times but never actually taken the time to go on. 

Maybe that's something I need to do. Become a tourist for a day or two! 

New friends, old friends, family friends, sister friends, lost friends, work friends, best friends. Friendship is one of the most bizarre things! 

In the last six months I think I have experienced every kind of friendship there is. When you make a good friend-CHERISH them. Keep the friendship alive. I am so grateful for my close friends. One of my closest being my sister. She stayed with me for a week at the end of the summer. 

It appears people are afraid of new friendships. I have thought once or twice since living here, do we ever get to know new people during our 20's. Since moving into my 20's, so far, I have made one great friend. Someone I will be friends with for the rest of my life. 

I love being surrounded by new people and making new friends. BUT, I'm extremely lucky to be living in New York with some of my very best friends. As New York seems to be a city where everybody knows everybody but no one knows each other. 

Is that deep enough for you?! (And no Mam, I'm still not lonely!!) 

CHEESE! If you didn't know, I work as a cheesemonger with a wonderful bunch of people. I have never been so happy and grateful in a job. I think every job I have had up until now were just filler jobs. This is it-cheese is it. 

I also don't think I have ever laughed so much with the people I work with! There are some real friendships being made!! 

I mean, cheese is beautiful. I used to think the exact same thing about bread , ice cream and pastries when I worked as a pastry chef. How technique and such few ingredients can make spectacular things. 

Cheese, as my former boss once said, 'it's just bad milk'. Well thank the milky, nutty, funky, creamy, pungent, sharp, crumbly lords for that! 

Oh and just a little bit more information on me-pickles are a true love of mine. 

There are so many kinds/ flavours. They make me so happy!

There is no way I can write a blog post about New York and not mention at least some of the places I've eaten in. I'm not reviewing them, just sharing some seriously good eats I've had. 

Pizza from Joe's introduced to me by Ben. It's my go to for a slice. And pizza because duh, New York! 

More pizza, this time from Roberta's with an egg on it!  

Sweet Chick is where I go if I'm hangry (hungry and angry). The fried chicken is amazing! 

Birthday donuts from September from Peter Pan Donuts. The greastest donuts I have EVER eaten!