September 06, 2014

Chocolate Glazed Sprinkle Doughnuts

I made you doughnuts. Four words any human being wants, and loves to hear. Expect this response, 'you made me doughnuts?!?!?!?!', with a huge look of appreciation and shock on the doughnut receivers face. 

Doughnut maker/giver: 100 points. 

What else is one supposed to do with 12 doughnuts? I don't live at home anymore where there was always 6-8 mouths to feed. And if you can't enjoy food with others, why bother?!

I gave most of my doughnuts away. Why? Because 12 doughnuts for myself and my BFF roomie ain't a good ratio. A delicious ratio, yes. But a good one? No. 

I pawned them off on my co-workers. Co-workers LOVE free food...There must be something written somewhere that proves this. Ever thought about it? Co-workers love when you bring them food. Fact.