December 06, 2013

Butter Roasted Rosemary and Chilli Nuts {Holiday Nuts}

Roasting or toasting nuts is the best thing you can do for them...It's like applying moisturiser to the skin. It can be annoying and sometimes time consuming but the outcome is always a favourable one. Smoother skin and a tastier nut. 

Yes I just likened toasting nuts to applying moisturiser. This just got real. Really real. Weird real?

What's better than roasting nuts? Roasting them, tossing them in a rosemary and chilli infused butter and then roasting them again so that they get coated with a crumbly buttery layer of herby-spicy attitude.  

December 01, 2013

Sausage and Butterbean Casserole

It's absolutely FREEZING outside, which means I want to eat food, and a lot of it,  that warms and comforts me, (duh Holly, everybody does!)

I also want to eat all my meals from a bowl and with a spoon. Eating with a spoon makes me happy...I want to be seated infront of a steaming bowl of food with just a spoon, no need for a knife and fork-too cumbersome when you're cold and hungry!

Maybe it's got something to do with childhood, I don't know. I feel that eating with a spoon makes a meal 80% better. That's why cereal is the best. Fact. 

Can we talk about the casserole already? Yes, yes we can. 

I LOVE food like this. Simple, honest ingredients that all go into one dish to cook together. This is the food that tastes the best and the food that people and families love to eat.