October 20, 2013

Competition Time!


It's competition time here on Holly's Pantry! This competition is open to all and it will be open for 1 week. The winner will be announced on Sunday the 27th of October. 

What's up for grabs?! A-Z cookie cutters, two bars of Green&Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate, Green&Blacks Cocoa Powder and a packet of Chai Indian Tea...my favourite at the moment!

How to enter? Leave a comment below,making sure to include your name, telling me three foods you'd bring to a desert island...excluding the obvious essentials!

Winner will be announced here on Holly's Pantry Sunday 27th of October! So make sure to check back. 

Best of luck,



  1. I'd bring the following to a desert island:
    - strawberries - Wexford one's of course; plants if possible!
    - Tea - I'm a total teaholic who generally drinks Rooibos, but I might have to switch to caffeinated to give me a bit more buzz!
    - Milk, preferably a cow...so I'd have cream for my strawberries, and milk for my tea!

    1. loving this answer...it makes so much sense!

    2. Thanks Holly...wasn't sure if bringing plants and animals was cheating :-). But forgot to say tea plants, didn't I !

  2. Maeve O'SullivanOctober 21, 2013 3:50 pm

    This has taken me AGES to think of....but the 3 foods I would bring are:
    ~ raspberry jam. Slather it on...bound to make ANYTHING taste good
    ~ a loaf of brown bread. Fill you up, smell and taste like home
    ~ aaaaaand chocolate. For the day I don't feel like getting out of my shack on the island ;)

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  4. Trying again to comment but not sure it will work so will make it short! Bread cheese and charcuterie!

  5. 1. lindor chocolate
    2. illy coffee
    3. lindor chocolate + illy coffee

    love your blog, voicu

  6. cream , garlic and choizo.... a sauce made from these can make Any fish taste great:)

  7. Hmmm. I decided this would be the thing I'd think about on my run tonight and I'm still unsure..
    1) Une baguette parisienne (with massive air pockets in it)
    2) Hummus
    3) White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

    1. you must have been hungry coming home from your run!

  8. So tough, almost as tough as "What would you cook if you were on Come Dine with me?"
    1. A jar of beetroot. I love beetroot. And I could turn all the rotten stuff pink.
    2. Jalapeno hummus, I could dip all the foods in it. Mmmm.
    3. A Yorkie raisin and biscuit bar.

    I'll be completely malnourished but I'll be happy. Kind of happy. I'll be lonely. But skinny. Pros and cons and beetroot.

    1. by far one of the best chocolate bars out there!

  9. Ohh good question, I would bring avocados, crispy streaky bacon and a medium rare rib eye streak!