October 28, 2013

Walnut Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

If this post doesn't scream Autumn/Halloween I don't know what does. I may as well give up. 

I've got black and orange coloured brownies...I'll elaborate on them in a minute...a cute pumpkin decoration and crunchy, colourful, dried autumn leaves. 

Autumn central up in here. 

The story with these brownies? Well quite plainly it's a short and sweet story. A story that begins with  chocolate, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, walnuts, pumpkin purée, cream cheese and ends with pumpkin cheesecake swirl walnut brownies. My kind of story. It's got a great ending. 

Simply? They're really nice. Real nice to make. Real nice to look at.  Best bit though? They're real nice to eat. Reaaaallllyy nice to eat. 

October 27, 2013

Competition Winner!

Thanks to all who entered the competition! I loved all the answers but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

It was so hard to pick an answer so I put all the names in a hat and picked one out.

You ready?? *drum roll please*.

..and the winner is.....

...Aedin O' Shea!...You're answer made me laugh!

Congratulations! Please send me an email at hollyspantry@gmail.com to organise getting your prize to you!

October 20, 2013

Competition Time!


It's competition time here on Holly's Pantry! This competition is open to all and it will be open for 1 week. The winner will be announced on Sunday the 27th of October. 

What's up for grabs?! A-Z cookie cutters, two bars of Green&Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate, Green&Blacks Cocoa Powder and a packet of Chai Indian Tea...my favourite at the moment!

How to enter? Leave a comment below,making sure to include your name, telling me three foods you'd bring to a desert island...excluding the obvious essentials!

Winner will be announced here on Holly's Pantry Sunday 27th of October! So make sure to check back. 

Best of luck,


October 18, 2013

Four Cheese Lasagne {Gluten Free}


I've got cheese on the brain. My day is surrounded by many,many cheeses. Let me explain...Recently I started a new job working on a cheese counter. I've moved from pastry chef to cheesemonger in a matter of weeks! It's very exciting.

As a chef, when I look at ingredients I see dishes. This four cheese lasagne is proof! Being surrounded by beautiful cheese five days a week-how could I not make an over the top lasagne? 

Expect to see more cheesey things on the blog!

The recipe says four cheese lasagne and four there are! Two in the lasagne and two on top. Two cheeses make up the white sauce for this recipe: ricotta and parmesan. 

Generally a white bechamél sauce is used in lasagne. Which means, butter and flour are cooked together in a pot to make a roux, to which milk is slowly added and simmered until thickened. 

October 11, 2013

Brown Butter Chocolate and Caramel Stuffed Cookies

Brown Butter Chocolate and Caramel Stuffed Cookies. I'll say that once more...Brown Butter Chocolate and Caramel Stuffed CookiesCookies that are made with brown nutty butter and stuffed with both chocolate and caramel. (!!!!)

The most important thing you should know about these cookies-they are more like a 'brookie'-a cookie/brownie hybrid. They look and feel like a cookie but have the fudgy chewy texture of a brownie. Have I won you over yet? Well, they're the size of your hand too. 

These cookies are an absolute dream to make. They are made in one pot with a wooden spoon. 

As you can see from the title, these cookies are made with brown butter. You might ask, 'is this necessary?'. I'm going to tell you...heck yes, it's necassary! By browning the butter you are completely changing the flavour profile. You are adding a nutty flavour to these fudgy, chocolatey, caramely cookies. Mmmmmm.

October 03, 2013

Homemade Meatballs + Tomato Sauce

I'm thinking about your food plans. Specifically, your weekend food plans. More specifically,  your food plans for this weekend. I care a lot.

If I'm being honest, these meatballs might be in mine too. Third time this week having pasta. Nothing wrong with that. 

This is a perfect weekend dinner or mid-week dinner, for that matter. I like pottering around the kitchen on my time off, making things from scratch.