September 20, 2013

Apple + Blackberry Hand Pies

Hello little beauties. That little beauties is directed at you and at these hand pies. Have I flattered you into staying around so I can tell you more about these hand pies? Good! 

Follow me to a world of buttery, flaky pastry and sweet apple and blackberry filling...

Five facts...not facts, things I think you should know about these pies: 

1. These pies are cute.
2. These are cute pies that fit in your hand.
3. These pies are filled with a sweet apple and blackberry filling....Hello Autumn, is that you?
4. The pastry used for these pies is flaky and buttery.
5. Did I mention that these are pies that fit in your hand...A WHOLE PIE IN YOUR HAND!

Pie is my favourite, it's my go to dessert, especially apple pie. Add in a few blackberries and you've got a delicious autumnal pie.

Apple + Blackberry = Best Friends. 

September 13, 2013

Ribollita {Tuscan Vegetable, Cabbage and Bread Soup}

We'll talk about soup in a moment...A very quick moment because I really want to talk about it, it's absolutely delicious!

Today is my birthday. Holly's birthday, not Holly's Pantry. The Holly who is the biggest fan of double denim, wearing nail polish on days off, salt on her caramel, shoes (all of the shoes!), whiskey sours and spending time with friends. 

I don't want to get heavy with you but I have decided on the day of my 23rd birthday, and this may be very naive of me, but I have decided to try and do what makes me happy. I'm more or less straight out of college and am extremely determined to make something of myself. Nobody tells you how difficult life is once you've left college. If we all knew, we'd never leave! 

I have spent the last 4 months feeling a little bit lost. Life's not about that, is it? It's got to be about using your time better then that. Like my mother says, 'You should do something everyday that interests you, something that makes you happy alongside the work that you do.'. Mama always knows best! 

September 06, 2013

Hummus with Salt and Pepper Pita Chips

When you get home from work and need something to tide you over until dinner time. This is your secret. This will be that delicious snack that will keep you company (with a glass of red wine!) as you chop the vegetables for a stir fry or boil the water for pasta. 

I love knowing that there is something delicious in my fridge at home. It reassures me that things are going to be all right. 

Everyone I know seems to love hummus. It's just a delicious thing. It is one of those foods that has many a dip for pita chips, a spread on a sandwich, thin it out for a salad dressing or use it as the base for a chicken marinade.