July 15, 2013

Blazin Barbecued Mexican Corn on the Cob

I've eaten a lot of corn on the cob. Generally coated with gleaming melted butter and salt. This Mexican barbecued version was a first for me. I've read about it, googled it, I've seen it on cooking programmes and dreamt about it. This blog post comes from a dream....Food all day long in my life!

I've been doing a serious amount of googling and flicking through cookbooks for summer recipes. Trying to get some inspiration for our second summer in Ireland. We had our first summer about a month ago, then a heap of rain and now we're into our second blasting from the sun. So naturally the family is trying to pack in as much al fresco dining as possible!

What makes barbecued corn even better? Covering it in grated Manchego cheese, grated lime zest, lime juice and finely diced chilli. It's colourful to look at and colourful in flavour. Like I'm talking about all of the flavours: sweet, salty, zesty, nutty, spicy. 

I'd eat the corn just charred and tossed in butter without any complaint, just saying. Go on though, give the sweet corn a nutty, salty, zesty and spicy makeover. 

You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed. 


Holly, x

Corn, Manchego cheese, butter, lime and red chilli. Flavour party for five? I have a flavour party for five here. 

Manchego is a Spanish sheep's milk cheese. It is intensely nutty and utterly delicious. It is a little bit on the expensive side...more then €7 for 200g (!!!). So, a Swiss Gruy√®re is an excellent compromise. Then this'll be Blazin Barbecued Swiss-ican Corn on the cob...lol. 

Place the corns in a large bowl, cover with water and allow to soak for 2 hours. If the corns keep bobbing, place a plate on top and that'll keep them below the water. 

Heat your bbq, you know your bbq best. If you have a coal one, let it heat up for an hour to get it really smoky and hot, for a gas one, give it 5-10 minutes to heat up. 

When you're ready to cook the corns, shake off any excess water and lay them on the bbq grill. Pop the lid on and leave them to cook for 25 minutes. Any water on the corns will evaporate and the corns will steam beautifully in their natural green cocoons. 

As the corns are cooking, finely grate the cheese and lime and finely dice the chilli. Scatter evenly onto a serving plate and set aside in a cool place or pop in the fridge. 

After 25 minutes, remove the husks from the corns. To do this hold the corns in a tea towel wrapped hand and carefully pull the husks from around the yellow cobs. Be careful, as you get closer to the inside it will be get hotter, so switch to a pair of tongs if needed. 

Place the corns back on the bbq grill and allow to char for 5-10 minutes. Give the corns a turn so that they char evenly. 

Remember the butter from before? Plonk it into a big bowl and toss the charred corns in it before rolling them in the finely grated cheese, lime and diced chilli and squeezing over a wedge of lime. 

Recipe, Serves 5...adapted from Jamie Oliver

5 Corn on the Cob, in their husk
1 Red Chilli
200g Manchego or Gruyere 
75g Salted Butter, diced and very soft
2 Limes, zest of 1

Place the corns, in their husks, into a bowl and cover with water. 
Set aside and allow to soak for 1-2 hours.

If you are using a coal barbecue, heat it up for a good hour to get it really hot. If you are using a gas bbq, heat it 5-10 minutes before you intend to bbq. 

After the corns have soaked and your bbq is hot and ready to cook-shake the excess water from the corns and place on the bbq grill and cover with a lid.
Turning once, cook the corns for 25 minutes. 
In the meantime, finely grate the cheese, finely zest one lime, finely dice the chilli and cut both limes into wedges-even the one you zested. 
Sprinkle, in an even layer, the cheese, lime zest and chilli onto a serving plate/board or baking tray and set aside in a cool place.
You can prepare the cheese, chilli and lime ahead of time. Place it in the fridge until ready to use. Don't leave it sitting out of the fridge for more then 30 minutes. 
After 25 minutes, carefully with a tea towel and tongs, remove the husks from the corns and place them back on the bbq grill for 5-10 minutes to char. 
Place the softened, diced butter into a bowl and place the charred corns on top. 
Toss the corns in the butter, not all the butter will melt away, that's ok.
Tip the contents of the bowl (or pick the corns out individually, leaving the excess butter behind) onto the cheese, lime and chilli and roll them around to evenly coat them.
Serve immediately, lovely and hot with the lime wedges. 

* If you cannot get corn on the cob in its husk, that is completely fine. You will find it in Fallon & Byrne, though, just used frozen corn...boil it and then char it on a bbq before tossing it in butter and rolling it in the cheese, lime and chilli mixture. 

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