May 02, 2013

Iced Coffee {cold brewed coffee}

Summer's here. You can tell, but only by the don't feel the heat yet. And I use 'yet' very optimistically. I mean, in Ireland we'll never feel real heat for an extended period of time. It's the hard truth that every Irish person has to deal with. I think we've actually had our summer already-one or two nice sporadic days last week. 

With the change in weather, bright mornings and long evenings, I felt myself wanting to switch from lattes and cappuccinos to iced coffees and frappuccinos. I could drink iced coffees all day, all day. I absolutely love them. They wake you up nicely, leaving you refreshed and chilled. They are an absolute god send when you are hungover. For real, get on these for the morning after you've had one to many vodka tonics the night before! Your body and head will love you.

First time I had an iced coffee was when I was in NYC where I was waitressing for the summer. I  loved getting up in the morning-leaving my apartment complete with a freshly ironed white shirt and  stopping en route to the subway for an iced-coffee. It became my morning ritual when going to work. 

It seemed that at 8 am the entire neighbourhood was stopping off for iced coffee. Iced coffee with milk, iced coffee with cream, iced coffee with half and half, iced coffee with soy milk, decaf iced coffee.  I take mine with a dash of cream...sugar if I'm feeling fancy. 

I'm embracing the summer and going hard on these iced coffees! The recipe below makes a large batch of cold brewed coffee. If you live in a house with coffee drinkers, it'll be gone in no time. If you don't, no biggie, halve the recipe. Or freeze it in ice cube whatever works best for you. 

Do you know a coffee lover? This cold brewed coffee would make a lovely gift. Sealed in a mason jar, tagged with a homemade label and gifted along with coffee syrups or cream and sugar. 


Holly, x

Combine, in an airtight container, 100g of coarse ground coffee with 1500 ml of cold water and allow to 'brew' for 12-14 hours in a fridge. 

I did this over night. It's really something to wake and have a proper iced coffee.

To strain the cold brewed coffee-set a sieve, lined with a large coffee filter or two sheets of kitchen paper, over a bowl big enough to hold the coffee.

Squeeze out any remaining liquid in the ground coffee-make sure not to rip the coffee filter or kitchen paper or you'll have to start all over again!

Iced coffee with a drop of double cream or nude-all natural.

Recipe, depending on the size of your glasses, this will yield 10-15 glasses, maybe more. 

100g Coarsely Ground Coffee, or Ground Filter Coffee (ideally coarse ground though!)
1500 ml -2000 ml Cold Water

Decant ground coffee into an airtight container, .
Pour in cold water and stir.
Put on lid and place in the fridge for 12-14 hours-overnight is easiest.
The following day, in a sieve place a large paper coffee filter or two pieces of kitchen paper.
Pour through the cold brewed coffee and strain into a bowl.
Squeeze the ground coffee to remove excess liquid-make sure not to rip the coffee filter or kitchen paper. 
Serve over ice.

To serve
Ice (ice baby)
Sugar-granulated, light brown, demerara, caster, icing or sweetener. Put in whatever you fancy.
Milk, cream, double cream, almond milk, soy milk. Again put in whatever you fancy.
Optional extras
Coffee syrups, extracts, alcohol, caramel/chocolate sauce.

*This recipe is easily halved. The cold brewed coffee will last for 3 days, airtight in the fridge. Keep it a week if you wish but it will  begin to lose its flavour and become a little flat. 


  1. Iced coffee is the only type of coffee I drink, love it in the summer, so refreshing! I love your food pics xx

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words!we ran out of ice from drinking it!x

  2. Looking fantastic..i have some bottles of Davinici Syrups..i'll try this in coming weekends!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I think I would love this with a hazelnut syrup!mmmm