May 20, 2013

Crunch Bars {chocolate dipped homemade honeycomb}

It's the end of an era. Today I had my final college exam. Phew, I don't know how I feel! Relieved?  Sad? Scared? Happy? Overjoyed? I think I am feeling all of these emotions! I will miss college immensely. I'll miss seeing my friends daily, I'll miss being educated by my favourite lecturers, I'll miss college life. But, I won't miss the stress around assignments and exams. I cannot wait to get up in the mornings and not feel the looming fear of having to study for an exam or complete an assignment. I'm ready for the world of work. 

Holy crap, I'm finished college!

I had a few days off inbetween my second last and last exam, so I stayed the night with my sister to chill a little. I made dinner (no surprise there!) and she made her apartment comfortable for a lazy, Gossip Girl filled evening. We were chatting in bed and at 1:00 A.M. these crunch pops were imagined. To say that there was no temptation to head to the supermarket right away for ingredients would be a lie! 

I decided to come home the next day and give homemade chocolate dipped honeycomb a go. I sent pictures to my sister of the process-to make her super jealous (sisterly love!). I probably should have been studying for my final exam but these needed to be made! Making honeycomb is like a science experiment. You melt sugar and golden syrup, boil it and whisk in baking soda. The mixture bubbles and grows before your eyes-if you have kids, they'd love if you made this with them! 

Setting the honeycomb on lolly sticks is the option I chose. But you could set the honeycomb in a block, break it into pieces and dip them into chocolate. In the house I had an assortment of nuts and mini marshmallows to coat the chocolate. Mini M&M's would look really cool- so would sprinkles. There are no rules here about what you top them know your taste buds best!

If you're on a diet, I apologise! 


Holly, x

Honeycomb ingredients: caster sugar, baking soda and golden syrup. You'll find lolly sticks in your local craft shop, I bought a packet in Eason for €2. I'm using milk chocolate to coat these-use dark chocolate or white chocolate if you prefer. No biggie, they'll still be delicious.

Before you begin, line a shallow baking sheet with non stick baking paper, grease the paper with oil or butter to make sure that the honey comb does not stick. 

To make the honeycomb, in a large, deep pot over a medium to low heat cook the golden syrup and caster sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Turn the heat up and cook the sugar until it is a light amber colour. 

Remove it from the heat and quickly whisk in the baking powder. The mixture will grow at this stage. Whisk quickly and carefully-make sure not to deflate the mixture.

Carefully pour the mixture onto one side of the baking sheet, so that you have a rectangular honeycomb shape of even thickness. Use the greased baking paper to manipulate the honeycomb into a uniform shape. 

Place lolly sticks around the outside of the honeycomb, slightly pushing them into the mixture. Set aside and allow the honeycomb to set.

Once set, using a serrated knife in a sawing motion, cut the honeycomb into 10-12 shapes around the lolly sticks.

Whatever random pieces of honeycomb you have left over after cutting, keep them and use for  sprinkling over ice-cream.

These shapes will not be perfect and don't freak out if they are really irregularly shaped, this is home-baking. These crunch bars will imperfectly perfect.

Honeycomb close up...hello deliciousness. 

For the dipping coating, melt 3/4 of the milk chocolate in the microwave on 30 second blasts.

Chop the remaining 1/4 and stir it through until fully melted. 

Dip or spoon the chocolate over the honeycomb bars.

While the chocolate is still melty, sprinkle with toasted mixed nuts, toasted almonds,  crunched up honeycomb shards or mini marshmallows!

Recipe:10-12 pops

200g Caster Sugar
5 Tablespoons Golden Syrup
2 Teaspoons Baking Soda
200g Milk Chocolate
Toasted Nuts-almonds, hazelnuts, mixed nuts
Mini Marshmallow
Honeycomb shards

Line a shallow baking tray with greaseproof paper and lightly butter or oil the paper.
In a deep saucepan heat the sugar and golden syrup over a medium low heat until the sugar has dissolved, stirring occasionally.
Turn up the heat up and cook the mixture to an light golden/amber colour. Keep an eye on it constantly, to make sure it does not colour too much.
Remove from the heat and quickly stir in the baking soda.
The mixture will grow in size-be careful.
Pour onto one half of the greased and lined tray, keeping the mixture to one side (see picture).
Make a ridge so that the honeycomb is one uniform shape.
Moving quickly, place lolly sticks around the edge of the honey comb.Push in slightly.
Set aside and allow to harden for at least 1 hour to 30 minutes, depending on how thick it is.
Once set, use a serrated knife to cut the honeycomb around the lolly stick to create bar shapes. Keep any shards that fall away as you cut.
Melt 150g of chocolate in the microwave on 30 second blasts and finely chop the remaining 50g.
One the chocolate is melted, stir in the chopped chocolate. 
Dip the honeycomb bars into the chocolate or spoon it over if you prefer.
Sprinkle with nuts, mini marshmallows and the honeycomb shards.
Keep in an airtight lunch box.

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