March 30, 2013

Easter Eats!

Hi Friends,

It's a long weekend and no doubt there is going to be a lot of eating going on in houses over the next few days. Its a second Christmas, really! I was thinking about you all last night and thought to offer up some food inspiration whether you're having breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner (lunch+dinner), dinner or dupper (dinner+supper)

You're bound to find here something for small gatherings or large ones!

Below you'll find 12 links: 6 sweet recipes and 6 savoury recipes all from Holly's Pantry!

1. Hazelnut and Chocolate egg free recipe (sorry Easter!)  
2. A Bundt Cake with cinnamon, brown sugar and good!
3. Chocolate Bark....a good idea for using up Easter egg chocolate!
4. An Apple and Toffee Cake...squidgy, appley, toffeey, crumby.
5. Avocado changing!
6. Homemade Creme Eggs...mind blowing stuff!

7. Tuna Paté with ...make a double batch...guaranteed to be eaten quickly!
8. Individual Chorizo and Ricotta Tarts...or make one large one and slice it up.
9. Breakfast Hash...crispy potatoes, pancetta, runny eggs...need I say more?
10. Basil and Smoked Salmon Dressed Cracker w/Boiled Eggs..SO easy, yet so delicious!
11. A Quiche..representin' the eggs.
12. A linner, dinner or supper option...Oven Roasted Veg, Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham, Cheese, Pesto...mmmm.

Happy Eating and Happy Easter,
Holly, x

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