March 04, 2013

Blood Orange Hot Whiskey

So, it has been Spring for a month now and we're into March. Do you feel it? I certainly do-I find it so much easier to get up at 7am for college or work. The days are longer and brighter, but, MY GOD is it still absolutely Baltic outside. Like, freezing. It was snowing last week here in Ireland. Well, it made a pathetic attempt to snow last Saturday when I was at my brother's rugby match. (They won by the way.)

I can't wait for the Spring when you can go outside in just a jumper or light coat, cute jeans and flats (with no socks). Going out without having to lug a big coat, scarf, hat and gloves with you is going to be sweet. 

These items of clothing should be getting washed, folded up and put away in the wardrobe for next winter.  I can't deal with the cold much longer. I need to feel a little warmth on my skin.

Let this recipe, a blood orange hot whiskey, be the last of the wintry recipes for a few months. Let's move on to brightly coloured berries, light, refreshing salads and fruity cocktails. Ireland is guaranteed to stay a little chilly so expect to see a soup crop up once or twice!

Blood oranges are such a surprise. From the outside they look the exact same as an orange but when you slice them in half you wait in anticipation to see what colour is beneath  their dimpled orange skin. Deep moody purple that bleeds onto your hands or orange flecked with hues of pink. Each blood orange is uniquely coloured and stunning to look at and eat.


Holly, x

This isn't  really a recipe but here are the ingredients you will need to make 1 hot whiskey.

1-2 Blood Oranges, Freshly Juiced
Soft Brown Sugar or Honey
1 Kettle Boiled Hot Water
A Few Glugs of Whiskey

Put your cloves and sugar/honey in a glass or cup  and dissolve by pouring over hot water and stir.
Pour in freshly squeezed blood orange juice and whiskey.
Give a good stir and taste.
Add more whiskey/honey etc. to taste (You'll most likely add more whiskey..I know I did!)

Optionals: Ground Cinnamon and Ground Ginger-I didn't use these but you may like to add a little spice to yours.

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