March 30, 2013

Easter Eats!

Hi Friends,

It's a long weekend and no doubt there is going to be a lot of eating going on in houses over the next few days. Its a second Christmas, really! I was thinking about you all last night and thought to offer up some food inspiration whether you're having breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner (lunch+dinner), dinner or dupper (dinner+supper)

You're bound to find here something for small gatherings or large ones!

Below you'll find 12 links: 6 sweet recipes and 6 savoury recipes all from Holly's Pantry!

1. Hazelnut and Chocolate egg free recipe (sorry Easter!)  
2. A Bundt Cake with cinnamon, brown sugar and good!
3. Chocolate Bark....a good idea for using up Easter egg chocolate!
4. An Apple and Toffee Cake...squidgy, appley, toffeey, crumby.
5. Avocado changing!
6. Homemade Creme Eggs...mind blowing stuff!

7. Tuna Paté with ...make a double batch...guaranteed to be eaten quickly!
8. Individual Chorizo and Ricotta Tarts...or make one large one and slice it up.
9. Breakfast Hash...crispy potatoes, pancetta, runny eggs...need I say more?
10. Basil and Smoked Salmon Dressed Cracker w/Boiled Eggs..SO easy, yet so delicious!
11. A Quiche..representin' the eggs.
12. A linner, dinner or supper option...Oven Roasted Veg, Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham, Cheese, Pesto...mmmm.

Happy Eating and Happy Easter,
Holly, x

March 25, 2013

Homemade Creme Eggs

I had an absolute nightmare of a week. The day I was due to hand in a research paper...I deleted it before I had emailed it to myself or printed it. I was hysterical-my mother thought someone had died! I hope it never happens to you. The stress of being in your final year of college is not a nice thing!

Anyway, onto happier things! I told myself, after my ordeal, that I was going to blog over the weekend and make something suitable for Easter that would be great for Easter gifts or as part of an Easter buffet-also- baby chickens were involved, so inevitably things were going to be amazing!

Easter means eggs. Eggs in all forms, shapes and sizes. Massive chocolate eggs filled with sweets, savoury eggs for breakfast or that one type of egg that comes around every year at spring time: the creme egg. 

March 19, 2013

Crispy Baked Chips with a Chocolate Malt

Friends, come close. I have something to share with you. No, no, no-not my inner most darkest secrets...I'll need a few tequilas in my system for that! Instead, settle for this recipe of crispy baked chips with a chocolate malt?

Possible one of MY FAVOURITE things to eat together. Crispy, salty chips paired with an ice cold, creamy, chocolate malt is my idea of heaven. If I was on death row-this for sure would be on my last meal menu. 

As a family, when we were younger, we used to go to this chain of restaurant in Ireland called Eddie Rockets-Ireland's take on an American Diner. I absolutely loved it and still go there, not as often as I would like to because I'm a poor student and have now discovered how to to  make my favourite thing to order there- chips and a chocolate malt. 

As a chef, figuring out how restaurants make certain things on their menu is my idea of fun. There is no better feeling than figuring out and being able to make your favourite restaurant food at home. This may not apply to you, I understand that. So here, I have figured out how to make an Eddie Rocket's chocolate malt just for you!

Can I get cheffy and technical for a moment? I made this malt  with frozen chocolate milk as opposed to the usual chocolate ice-cream because-

  1. The malt is being made at home in a blender (most likely) rather than in a commercial milkshake maker, which would take about 30 seconds to make a malt. Since we are using a home blender, it will take longer to make and the frozen milk will stay frozen and solid longer than ice-cream.  This in turn will give the malt a lovely icy texture which will turn smooth and cream as it melts.
  2. Chocolate milk is a hell of a lot cheaper than chocolate ice cream and believe me, I see you making a lot of these in future!

March 11, 2013

Guinness Brownie + Whiskey Fudge Sundae

It wouldn't be very Irish of me if I didn't cook something and write a post about St. Patrick's Day. This Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day-a day to celebrate all that is Irish. Irish culture, Irish food, Irish drink and the colour green-in all its various shades!

Every village, throughout the country, will have some form of parade or celebration, kids hoisted on fathers shoulders for the best view. No doubt, for the older generations it will involve  a night out with plenty of alcohol. I don't want to do the stereotype thing but yeah, there is no denying it. 

Anywhere I have been in the world, everyone I have spoken to has always had something to say about Guinness and how fantastic it is. They comment on how Irish it is and ask questions like: 'do you drink it everyday?' and 'at what age did you start drinking Guinness?' These questions always make me laugh-as if drinking Guinness is part of our everyday schedule! Not long to follow afterwards are questions about rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns!

By the way, here are some great hangover cures in the form of eggs, a cheese sambo, bacon, French toast and more eggs.

March 07, 2013

Buttermilk Blueberry Scones // Lemon Raspberry Rippled Cream

Mothers are the best. I love mine dearly. She knew me for nine months before I knew myself. If that isn't a deep connection-I don't know what is. She probably knows me the best out of all the relationships I have today, even the relationship I have with myself. My love for my Mam is strong-I  may not show it all the time (sorry!) but she knows it's there. 

She has taught me to be kind, patient and understanding. One of my favourite and most admired things about her is that she will always say-'do what makes you happy'. As a final year college student I think this is the best piece of information I have received.  If I don't do what makes me happy now-will I ever?  I have taken this on. I tell those closest to me to do the very same thing-why complain about something you don't find enjoyment in? 

This is me and my Mam-nice clothes!!

When I was 19 my Mam allowed me travel to New York City to live and work for 3 months and again when I was 20. She understood that travelling to NYC was something I needed to do to 'find' myself and never once stood in front of me. When I mentioned my interest in travelling to NYC she said-'go for it' and told me to make a phone call about getting a visa. 

So, Happy Mother's Day (this Sunday that is!), x

March 04, 2013

Blood Orange Hot Whiskey

So, it has been Spring for a month now and we're into March. Do you feel it? I certainly do-I find it so much easier to get up at 7am for college or work. The days are longer and brighter, but, MY GOD is it still absolutely Baltic outside. Like, freezing. It was snowing last week here in Ireland. Well, it made a pathetic attempt to snow last Saturday when I was at my brother's rugby match. (They won by the way.)

I can't wait for the Spring when you can go outside in just a jumper or light coat, cute jeans and flats (with no socks). Going out without having to lug a big coat, scarf, hat and gloves with you is going to be sweet. 

These items of clothing should be getting washed, folded up and put away in the wardrobe for next winter.  I can't deal with the cold much longer. I need to feel a little warmth on my skin.