August 17, 2012

Basil and Smoked Salmon Dressed Cracker with Boiled Eggs

Do you ever get excited about food? Like, really excited? Squeak at the sight of something, hold it close to your face and say 'aaah, it's so cute'.  Well I do. I'll proudly admit it- I get excited over food. There I said it.

I even get excited over utensils. I did today. I almost blushed at the sight of a mini whisk no bigger than my index finger. For real,  I just had to hold it. It was so god damn cute and tiny.

If you appreciate food of all shapes and sizes, different types of food and/or are like me, then you should go to the Swedish Food Market in Ikea. Whenever I'm in Ikea, I zoom through the bed section, pass the furnishing section and head straight for the kitchen section, swiftly followed by the food market, where... 

they have Knäckebröd. These are thin crisp breads made out of rye, flour, salt and water. Yeah, yeah whatever Holly, what's the big deal about a rye cracker?  Well, Ikea are selling these Knäckebröds at a very good price and oh, they are the size of a car wheel!

After these I will forever be disappointed with a regular cracker.

First thing-honour its size. Use the whole cracker as a blank canvas! Paint it with food of different colours, shapes and sizes. I made a glorious herbaceous speckled green sauce with basil and scallions and draped it with streaks of coral pink smoked salmon and perfectly 
boiled eggs, quartered to reveal pure white and vibrant yellow.

Beautiful coincidences can happen with food. According to the universal colour wheel, greens are complemented by pinky orange colours, seen here in the pink-orange of the salmon and the cool mint of the sauce. A beautiful coincidence. 

This is food for sharing, the sauce softens the cracker slightly, allowing you to break the cracker into rough slices for your hand. The cracker needs to be put together just before eating otherwise it'll go soggy. If you don't like salmon or eggs, you could substitute them with cured meats, marinated artichokes hearts, grilled vegetables, cheeses etc!


Holly x

Make the saucy spread first. 

Three simple (beautiful) ingredients: spring onions, sour cream and fresh basil.

Place all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.

What you have is this gloriously green goddess-like saucy spread. 

If you have any left over, use as a salad dressing. So delicious!

This is the gigantic cracker. Get it in the Food Hall in Ikea, like today.

This is the giant cracker out of the wrapper. 

This is the giant cracker beside a normal sized one,  so you can see how gigantic is!

Another three simple ingredients: smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs and capers.

Smear on the basil sauce.

Drape over the salmon.

Quarter the eggs and arrange them in and around the salmon.

Sprinkle over the capers.

Make sure to hit the eggs with freshly cracked black pepper. Eggs love pepper. 

Recipe, Serves 3 for Lunch.

1 Knäckebröd, from Ikea or Ryvita Crackers
Small Bunch of Basil-24g
3 Scallions
150-200g Sour Cream
2-3 Eggs, Hard Boiled
1 Tablespoon Capers
100g Smoked Salmon

To hard boil the eggs, bring a pot of water that will cover the eggs to the boil.
With the eggs sitting on a spoon slide them into the boiling water.
Leave in the pot for 7-8 minutes before draining off the water.
Immerse in cold water to cool the shells so you can peel them.
Place the sour cream, basil -stalks included- and scallions into the bowl of a blender.
Blitz until super smooth and slightly thinner.
Taste for salt and pepper. 
Place the Knäckebröd onto a serving plate.
Smear over  1/2 the basil sauce with a spatula.
Pour the rest into a serving dish to have alongside on the table.
Drape the smoked salmon over the cracker.
Quarter the eggs and arrange them in and around the salmon.
Sprinkle over the capers.
Hit each egg quarter with some freshly cracked black pepper. 


  1. Holly, I tried this. It is really delicious. Made a great sharing starter. Right on trend.

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  3. Glad you enjoyed! Appreciate the feedback!