July 06, 2012

Moustache Cups!

This isn't going to be like my usual blog posts. There is no food to be seen...anywhere! Shock horror. Don't panic, I'm still all about the food-it's what I do. 

I just had to share these moustache cups with you, yeah you, see how good I am to you?! I just knew you couldn't go on living without seeing AND making these bad boys!

Like, how cool are these cups? Super cheap to make and very exciting. If I was a kid I'd love to make these. A cup crafting table at a kids birthday. Actually, no. Adults need to have fun too, a cup crafting table at any party! Well, I'm an adult and I had so much fun making them-so that's proof! 

Maybe this will be a new little segment here on Holly's Pantry. Every once in a while maybe I will do a cute weekend project blog post! I'm addicted to Pinterest at the moment. This is where I got the idea for these cups-seemed to good to be true! No doubt I'll be getting more weekend project ideas from it!  

I moustache you a question-are you excited to make these?! (I crack myself up)


Holly x

All you need is a plain white cup and a good black permanent maker-a Sharpie or a Promarker.

Roughly draw out out your desired moustache style-making sure it is centred-and once you are happy with how it looks, colour it in completely. 

Have fun here, go crazy. Use a different colour permanent marker if you like!

Once you have your cup(s) moustached and coloured in, bake at 190°C for 30 minutes. 

Take em out-be careful they will be sooo hot- and allow to cool completely before using!

These need to be hand washed. If you put em in the dishwasher, they'll be moustache-less when they come out. 


Plain White Cups
Good Black Permanent Maker

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